Short-term rentals
Information on temporary and short-term stays for you and your visitors
There are times when you get visitors or simply need a few days to stay. We get it. So, here are some options you can explore for your short-term visit to Moscow.
Short-term rental options
For short term stays like internships or the first days after your arrival to Moscow, it might be more convenient to stay at a hotel or hostel. You can easily find a lot of options on or any other worldwide service you usually use. The hotel/hostel will arrange temporary registration for you as a foreign visitor.

Suggested options near Skoltech:

Another option, if possible, is to stay with your friends or relatives. However you are obliged to follow the migration law in the same way as if you rent a flat or apartment for a long term. You can learn more information about migration here.

Friends and family visiting?
There might be situations when you want to invite your relatives or friends – for example a vacation or graduation.

In this case, you will need to take care of a few tasks:
  • LOI for visa (coming soon)
  • Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Migration registration

Our main suggestion is for your visitors to book a hotel. It is very comfortable, since the hotel can provide you LOI for visa and registration slip.

We have a large list of friendly hotels which we update regularly. Contact us at to request it.

Of course, you can allocate your relatives or friends in your rented apartment; or rent another flat in case they arrive for longer period of time. However, in such a case LOI should be arranged on your own. Skoltech can make an LOI only for spouses.
migration rules in Russia
According to Russia's Federal Law of Migration, each international student/tourist/visitor should be registered. In case you choose to rent a flat you should follow the law on your own. Below you will be able to see our suggestions. Remember, that migration is very important. If you break the rules you can be deported. Learn more information about migration.
Get support
If you have any questions, need advice in choosing your accommodation or support in reserving a dormitory place, please contact the Skoltech Dormitory Team at, +7 915 350 05 34 (consider working hours).

In case you are a current resident and have an emergency, contact Dormitory Head Irina Morozova at or at +7-963-6055025.