Renting an apartment
Features, responsibilities and how to find one in Moscow
Living independently is a great option. You will have full freedom of movement, set your own schedule, choose your preferred location, number of rooms and so on. But, this also means that you will need to cover the rental costs yourself, connect with your landlord, sign the lease agreements, and take care of your government migration documentation independently.
Renting an apartment
You'll search for an apartment independently, however, we are here to provide informational assistance for you to help you find the most convenient and comfortable place to stay.

At this point, Skoltech can only recommend the resources for your flat search, help you check your lease agreement and give you information on how to get registered with the city administration (more on that later).
migration rules in Russia
According to Russia's Federal Law of Migration, each international student/tourist/visitor should be registered. It is a lengthy bureaucratic process required for all visitors.

In case you choose to rent an apartment, you will need to make sure you are following all migration regulations. Learn more information about migration here.
1-room apartment/flat/studio with good interior and exterior will cost you about 30.000-45.000 rubles per month + 3500 rubles per month for utilities.

Lifehack: some of our students get together in groups of 2-4 people to pay less for rent. In this case you will pay 16.000-24.000 rubles per month + 1500 rubles per month for utilities living in a bigger apartment where each student has his private room.
1-bedroom flat or a studio
20 000 - 40 000 rubles/month + utilities (~3500 rub/month)
2-bedroom apartment
35 000 - 50 000 rubles/month + utilities (~4 000 rub/month)
You can look for a flat in different districts near Skolkovo: Trekhgorka, Odintsovo, Nemchinovka.

The closest metro stations like Yugo-Zapadnaya, Park Pobedy & Slavyansky Boulevard have bus stops with direct routes to Skolkovo and should get you to the campus within 45 minutes.

We suggest you choose area nearby D1 stations of MCD (Moscow Central Diameters).

safety tips
Renting a flat can be tricky, so here are a few tips before you get started:

  • Remember, not every landlord will be able to speak English. This might be a reason for them to decline your rental request.
  • Make sure that your landlord makes a registration slip for you.
  • Read the lease agreement before signing it. You can ask Skoltech to check out your lease agreement or offer the landlord to use this template.
  • Be careful and do not pay any deposits before singing the lease agreement or before you see the landlord and the apartment itself. Do not click on suspicious links. To learn more information how to protect yourself, read this article. Or, you can check out the blacklist of landlords in Moscow (yes, it exists).
    How to find an apartment
    Social networks
    You can look for a flat in different social networks where landlords post their offer for students. In this case you don't pay any fee. People who post their offer in friendly groups in Telegram and Facebook sometimes speaks English and might be ready to help you with registration slip. However, we can't guarantee it.

    Suggested resources:
    Real estate agency
    In this case real agency which will help you to find the best place to live in Moscow. Such an agency will help you to find a flat and make a registration slip. They have specialists who speak English. Usually their services increase the cost of rent for +15-25% monthly.

    Suggested resources:

    Online Travel Agency
    A comfortable way to search for flat, however we recommend to ask before booking if the landlord is ready to arrange migration registration.

    NB: sometimes maximum period of booking online is set with 30 nights.

    Suggested resources:

    Online real estate aggregators
    In this case you have a lot of options of apartments in one place. However, most of landlords do not speak English very well and not every landlord will be ready to deal with a registration slip.

    Suggested options:
    • Cian
    • Avito (be careful, there might be scammers)
    Apartments inside Skolkovo
    There is a possibility to rent an apartment in Tetris, Palisad or Mille-feuille (opening in May 2021) complexes inside Skolkovo territory. Signing a direct contract will make you responsible for full and direct payment. The Approximate cost is 1200 RUB per sq.m. monthly, including utilities. There are different types of apartments to choose from based on your budget and needs.


    Get support
    If you have any questions, need advice in choosing your accommodation or support in reserving a dormitory place, please contact the Skoltech Dormitory Team at, +7 915 350 05 34 (consider working hours).

    In case you are a current resident and have an emergency, contact Dormitory Head Irina Morozova at or at +7-963-6055025.